Unlimited Wonder Comics Lab is my comics making workshop where I teach how the medium can be used to tell a wide range of stories. Regardless of drawing skill level, participants begin right away drawing along with interactive and collaborative exercises and activities that help develop the basics of making comics  in a fun and engaging way.

I’ve taught both in-person and virtual workshops for the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, the Boonton Township Educational Foundation after-school program, and local Girl Scout Troops. Each workshop is tailored to meet a group’s needs and are available for all-ages.

Please reach out to me through my email on the contact page for more information.


“My 8 year old daughter is creative, imaginative and loves telling stories, but having Dyslexia, it’s a tremendous struggle for her to sit down with a pen and paper to write. Developing her ideas using panels, pictures, and short dialog in a fun and stress-free environment has been a huge boost to her self-confidence!”

-Kerry R.

“My son enjoyed this class SO much! He thought it would be more writing and doesn’t feel that he is the greatest at drawing but the workshop has brought something out in him that is just amazing.”

– Stephani Wright, President of the Boonton Township Education Foundation

“You are passionate about your craft and a true educator. Your individualized feedback made each of our artists feel special. I highly recommend your workshop to other libraries hosting programs for children and teens.”

– Maureen Carroll, Hackensack Middle School Librarian

“I Like how we have learned about how other countries make comics, like Japan. Class with G.R. is fun because we  get to draw comics and listen to music. I liked learning about “manga” way of making comics.”

– Mateo, Workshop Participant, 10yo

“I like making comics of my stories. I like talking to G.R. about comics and learning about new authors.”

– Esteban, Workshop Participant, 8yo

Lab minicomic sample